Ironwood Hill Farm 

Ironwood Hill Farm is a sustainable farm located in New York State. We raise purebred registered Heritage Finnsheep breeding stock, fiber pets, wool fibers, and our 100% pasture raised grass fed lamb. Ironwood Hill Farm is a disease free, biosecure, closed flock, testing negative for OPP negative annually. We are home to a large variety of colors and patterns of the Finn breed, including the colors of brown, grey, fawn (oatmeal), badgerface (silver), piebald (spotted), and black. Known for their fine long stapled wool, finnsheep offer soft, crimpy wool for all fiber arts.  2004-10-20 home stretch 047

Careful selection from frequent monitoring of every sheep on our farm goes into our our breeding stock and lambs to obtain remarkable qualities in fleece, correct conformation, body size, maternal traits, and hardiness. We are members of Finnsheep Breeders Association.2005-06-06 2014 June pastures 030

Our Finnsheep are fed local whole grains during late gestation and early lactation. Mineral supplements are given daily to maintain strong and healthy sheep.  For the majority of each year, our Finnsheep are out on rotational pastures where they graze grasses, shrubs,  herbs, and native plants that aid in parasite resistance. Our sheep are moved every few days to new pastures. We have ample acreage to support our large flock and provide careful pasture management. Parasite resistance is a key component in raising healthy sheep. We do not routinely worm our sheep. We do our own fecal testing here at our farm. Chemical dewormers are used minimally, never routinely and only to individual sheep if absolutely necessary.2004-05-12 ram and fiber photos 006

The health of our sheep and farm is a high priority. Healthy ewes and rams equate healthy lambs for you. 2005-07-17 2005-07-24 001 006

Ironwood Hill Farm is an approved member of the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York. This membership is based on strict criteria and monitoring as a farm that promises to practice natural and humane management and health practices. Ironwood Hill Farm uses sustainable practices in our farming method while  supporting other local farmers in our community.


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Finnsheep raised naturally and humanely on rotational pastures. Providing exquisite yarn, locks, fleeces, roving, comb top, and long wool locks for spinning, knitting, crocheting, weaving, and felting. Ironwood Hill Farm is a sustainable farm using organic practices to provide you with healthy sheep and natural fibers.