Shearing of the Lambs

It was a cold morning on shearing day. It is a fascinating experience to watch what appeared to be a bulky ram with intimidating size, be reduced to a playful lad minus his great fleece.


This is one of our rams, Palo Salpa.  He is piebald and his fleece is very soft and lusterous with well defined crimp. His roan fleece lends itself magnificently to creating unique overdyed locks.


Our Finnsheep ewes stayed warm in the new barn, but they seemed to gaze longingly at their missing coats. We have 4 different shades of brown fleeces, each provides the fiber artist the benefit of being able to work with beautiful natural colors, minus the dyes. These lovely natural browns blend perfectly with a variety of different colored dyed locks, offering  contrast and numerous  possibilities of blending for the fiber artist.


It was an exciting shearing day. And a pleasant reminder of how beautiful all of our Finnsheep are under their coats. Many of our fleeces have gone to the local mill and will be returned to the farm in a few days for us to hand dye and blend. Batts and roving will be available and on the For Sale page very soon.

Now that sheaing is done,we can closely monitor the ewes physical changes to watch for lambing. One of our new Southern Belles on the Ewe page should lamb first, possibly by the end of March.

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