November is the Homestretch and Breeding Season

2004-10-20 home stretch 047

November brings our Finnsheep their final days on pasture until Spring 2014. We have been fortunate this Autumn of 2013, in that the weather has been unseasonably warm and the pastures have provided healthy grasses for our Finns to remain outside. Finns can stay out on pasture throughout the winter months with a shelter. But, we are heading the Finnsheep down the homestretch, leading to the barn soon.

2004-10-20 home stretch 056

We are using a minimum of 4 of our rams this year in our breeding program. This means at least 4 breeding pens will be needed. Pasture rotation with this many breeding pens means breeding inside the barn will be easier to manage.  Having breeding pens in the barn allows us to observe the individual matings and provide a good indicator of when each ewe’s lambing date will be. Finnsheep ewes are very maternal and lambing is usually an independent event requiring little assistance in most cases. But, we still like to be present at each birth whenever possible. We will be breeding about 25-30 ewes this year with 4-6 of our rams.

Lambs 2013 Color Genetics and Family Portraits 139

We anticipate 65-70 lambs this Spring of 2014. Our breeding program will provide us with multiple sets of unrelated ewe and ram lambs for starter flocks and individual lambs, in an array of colors and patterns.  Reservations are already being made and it is never too late for a farm tour any time of the year at Ironwood Hill Farm. We look forward to visits from future Finnsheep buyers.

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