We have over 70 heritage Finnsheep lambs so far. Our largest litter so far is a set of quintuplets, which is 5 lambs. The dam did not need any assistance birthing or nursing, and no bottle feeding has been needed for this large litter to date. We have had numerous quadruplet litters, which is 4 lambs and just as many triplets, just a couple of twins and no singles yet. Finnsheep are very prolific. This is one of the many reasons we chose Finnsheep for our flock. We have a large assortment of brown lambs, along with black, badger, white, fawn, and grey lambs to to choose from. Our lambs display many shades of Finn colors and a unique mix of spotting that give each lamb their own personality. Questions about Finnsheep? Contact us and we can help you.

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