About us


Ironwood Hill Farm began as a homestead up on a hill in upstate New York. We began our homestead with an organic vegetable garden and fruits. Each year we preserve fruits and vegetables to last most of the year. We have raised heritage turkeys that free ranged around the property aiding in pest control for the garden; which was expanding every year.  We raised pigs; which added a lot of fun and delight, and helped to start cultivating our field for a small buckwheat crop and filled our freezers with organic pork. By then, we had a growing flock of organic chickens and enjoyed free range eggs and our own free range chicken. A flock of geese were added that swam our pond and gave us more baby geese each spring. And we raised Nubian goats for their healthy milk.


Our homestead allowed us to be quite self sufficient.  Our growing interest in being local consumers and raising our own organic food expanded to include the desire to raise grass fed lamb and to have our own supply of wool to produce our own fiber. We wanted to make products such as wool blankets, wool pillows, all types of wool clothing and household goods to increase our self sufficiency even more. We chose this direction to also help us eliminate our usage of manmade, artificial products that are frequently made from petroleum. Finnsheep wool and Finnsheep meat was the perfect addition to our homestead giving us beautiful soft, lustrous, crimpy wool that knits and weaves well and produces fabulous felt. Finnsheep also produce delicious, lean and delicate flavored meat.

IMG_4370We built a large sheep barn to house our Finnsheep flock during the winter months. During the spring, summer, and fall our finns graze on rotational pastures that we rotate frequently over our many acres. We love our Finnsheep so much that we have decided to continue to grow our flock and expand. What was once a homestead on the hill is now Ironwood Hill Farm.

Ironwood Hill Farm is owned and operated by Andy and Teresa, a husband and wife team. Andy is retired and works on the farm full time. Teresa continues to work off the farm as a science teacher and is able to spend a lot of time tending the sheep and working with the fiber. She handspins, weaves, felts, knits; and marvels in using plant dyes to add color to the fibers from their lovely Finnsheep flock.

We have available registered purebred Finnsheep for sale, Finnsheep fiber, and 100% grassfed lamb meat. Visit all of our pages to learn more as you navigate our site.

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Finnsheep raised naturally and humanely on rotational pastures. Providing exquisite yarn, locks, fleeces, roving, comb top, and long wool locks for spinning, knitting, crocheting, weaving, and felting. Ironwood Hill Farm is a sustainable farm using organic practices to provide you with healthy sheep and natural fibers.

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