Finnsheep Rams

Purebred Heritage Finnsheep Rams 

2017 For Sale: Several Registered Finn Ram Lambs and Cotswold x Finn Ram Lambs. For Sale: Cotswold Adult Ram White Color Carrier (see photo below)

DSC_0020 (2).JPG

Above top photos – Our purebred Finnsheep Rams:  Ironwood Hill Farm has bred for a selection of brown, black, grey, badgerface, piebald spots, and white purebred finnsheep lambs, available for 2017. 


Above and Below – Our purebred Cotswold rams. Ironwood Hill Farm is breeding  for an assortment of grey, black and white long wool Cotswold X Finnsheep  lambs, available for 2017. Cotswold sheep are of the long wool breed, producing high lustre long ringlet locks sought after by fiber artists.  Finnsheep have a long stapled semi lustrous long crimped wool. Both rams will produce colored lambs.  








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Finnsheep raised naturally and humanely on rotational pastures. Providing exquisite yarn, locks, fleeces, roving, comb top, and long wool locks for spinning, knitting, crocheting, weaving, and felting. Ironwood Hill Farm is a sustainable farm using organic practices to provide you with healthy sheep and natural fibers.

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