Finn Lambs For Sale

 For Sale:  Finn Lambs and Cotswold x Finn Cross Lambs Contact Us
The ewe lambs are growing in the pasture with their dams.
Ewe lambs growing in the pasture with dams.
Contact us today
  Mentoring Assistance is considered part of the partnership from our farm to yours. 

Don’t let distance keep you from purchasing from Ironwood Hill Farm, located in Central New York.  Contact us today for 2017 lambs or adults and to talk to us about our heritage sheep.   farmerspledge-icon






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Finnsheep raised naturally and humanely on rotational pastures. Providing exquisite yarn, locks, fleeces, roving, comb top, and long wool locks for spinning, knitting, crocheting, weaving, and felting. Ironwood Hill Farm is a sustainable farm using organic practices to provide you with healthy sheep and natural fibers.

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